Families Change Parent Guide to Separation & Divorce

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Where can we get more help?

This section describes the services, websites, and publications that can help you with child support.


Family Law Information Centre

The Family Law Information is located in the Law Centre in Whitehorse, however staff can provide services to communities via phone and email. Staff help the public (including self-represented individuals), the legal community, the judiciary and government offices/agencies, by providing the following:

  • General information about family law;
  • Plain language explanations of court process;
  • Court forms for most family law applications;
  • Help in making sure that the court forms are properly filled out; and
  • Child Support Guidelines calculations to self-represented litigants and to the judiciary.

Information is offered on many topics relating to family law, including:

  • Child support
  • Spousal/partner support
  • Maintenance Enforcement
  • Child custody/access or parenting time
  • Guardianship of or contact with a child
  • Enforcement of time with a child
  • Inter-jurisdictional support issues
  • Divorce and corollary relief proceedings
  • Family violence restraining/protection orders

Court forms and instructions are available for applications:

  • For custody, access, child or spousal support (or to change those Orders) under the Divorce Act;
  • For any relief under the Family Property and Support Act, Children’s Law Act;
  • To apply for or change support under the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act; and
  • For many other types of family law matters.

Note: The staff at Family Justice Services cannot give legal advice or an opinion about what the court would do in your case.


FamiliesChange.ca: This website contains information to help all members of the family cope with separation and divorce. There are resources for children, teens, and parents. There is also on online course called Online Parenting After Separation, which helps parents understand the importance of putting the needs of the children first.

Federal Child Support Guidelines: Step-By-Step: This guide includes worksheets to help parents figure out things like special or extraordinary expenses and undue hardship.

Maintenance and Enforcement Program (MEP): Works with both the paying parent and the recipient to try and keep maintenance payments up to date for both child and spousal support.

Yukon Public Education Association (Law Line): A non-profit organization devoted to providing legal information to the public and promoting increased access to the legal system.

Yukon Legal Services Society (Legal Aid): Yukon's legal aid service provider provides a lawyer for no cost or very low cost based on financial eligibility.


Family Law Information Centre Guides: Helpful guides that provide you with step by step instructions based on your situation.

Because Life Goes On: Published by Health Canada in 2005, this online publication provides a range of background information for separating parents.